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Access to Yang Zhaoqun, a master of arts and crafts

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In order to fully tap the intangible cultural heritage resources near the college and give full play to its advantages and roles in cultural inheritance and innovation, accompanied by three teachers, Xiao Xinhua, deputy dean of School of Arts and Design, conducted a survey of Jintan Paper Cutting, an intangible cultural heritage project in Jintan, which is about 40 kilometers west of Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology, on April 17. They were warmly received by Mr. Yang Zhaoqun, a master of arts and crafts in Jiangsu Province.

More precisely, Yang Zhaoqun is a leading inheritor of Jintan Paper Cutting. Known as “Yang Yidao or the best paper-cutter”, he is famous for skillful and delicate knife technique, especially fluent and natural lines. More than 100 of his works have won awards at home and abroad. Above all, the immense works “From Athens to Beijing” mainly created by him, 29 meters long (symbolizing the 29th Olympic Games) and 2.008 meters high (symbolizing the 2008 Olympic Games), is a real hit. It was collected by the National Museum on July 29, 2008.

In the course of investigation, the teachers visited Master Yang Zhaoqun’s studio and Jintan Paper-cutting Art Center together, and observed the production process and handicraft of Jintan Paper-cutting on the spot.The two sides have reached preliminary cooperation intentions in integrating intangible cultural heritage projects into professional curriculum, establishing intangible cultural heritage project-based student associations, internship and employment, etc.