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A fruitful field scenery painting

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On April 1, 2019, the freshmen from School of Art and Design were greeted by the vast stretches of yellow canola flower against the background of the green Mount Qiyun in Southern Anhui. It was in the mysterious and time-honored regular base that they began 10-day field scenery painting and folk art collection. The team included 5 international students.

In the process, Deputy Dean Xiao Xinhua took the trouble of traveling, and after getting off the train, he devoted himself to the work of guiding students. As an expert in painting, seeing the shortcomings in some students' works, and not restraining his professional passion,  Deputy Dean Xiao set out to improve their work face-to-face. Inspired by Deputy Dean Xiao’s model and spirit, the present instructors were also unwilling to lag behind, so they sketched, discussed and commented with students day and night, truly moving the classroom into the sketch base.

The beautiful nature, rich human nutrition, and careful organization led to an array of expressive works. And the exhibition has attracted teachers and students’ attention throughout the college.