School of Overseas Education

Miao promotes the implementation of the “six key projects”

文章来源:海外教育学院 作者:沈小平 发布时间:2019-04-06 浏览次数:45

Recently, Miao Changwu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology (CZIIT), has carried out a series of investigation at the Office of Educational Administration, the School of Economics and Trade Management, the School of Art and Design, and the School of Overseas Education, further promoting the implementation of the “six key projects” and offering on-the-spot guidance.

Miao Changwu stressed that all departments should aim at the exact quota of the key programs and make every effort to achieve them thoroughly and perfectly by means of the staff’s collective wisdom, continuous and cooperative jobs. He also stressed that all departments should further clarify train of thoughts that only by opening up schools and taking the most advanced college as a benchmark, can CZIIT innovate its talent training mode, thus forming distinct school-running characteristics, and enhancing its popularity.