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Condolences to students whose families are affected by the Xiangshui Blast

文章来源:海外教育学院(英文网) 作者:沈小平 发布时间:2019-03-28 浏览次数:68

On March 21, an industrial park explosion occurred in Xiangshui County, which has been giving rise to national concern. On March 27, Mao Bomin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CZIIT and deputy director of the Caring the Next Generation Committee, accompanied by Bai Tieshan, director of the Students’ Affairs Department and secretary-general of the Caring the Next Generation Committee, expressed sympathy and solicitude for the students whose families suffer from Xiangshui Blast and distributed relief packages to them.

After the disaster, CZIIT immediately launched a survey throughout the college, only to figure out that thirteen students’ families had been affected to varying degrees.

After having a detailed understanding of the specific situations of their families, Mao Bomin hoped that the students would brace up and devote themselves to their studies and that all students, including international ones, should learn from this incident, improve safety awareness, and eliminate the potential safety hazards around them.