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CZIIT ranks 34th of the TOP100

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 In February 2019, the Chinese Association of Higher Education officially released the ranking list of the 2018 National Vocational College Skills Competition. Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology ranked 34th of the TOP100, and 2nd in the provincial vocational colleges. At present, there are 1,388 higher vocational colleges, and Jiangsu boasts 90 higher vocational colleges.

      Skills competition plays an important role in the reform of teaching and the cultivation of innovative talents. In recent years, based on the teaching concept of “promoting teaching by competition, promoting learning by competition and teaching benefits teachers as well as students”, CZIIT has been holding annual large-scale “Jianjun Cup” Professional Skills Competition, which benefits most of its students, thus enriching competition atmosphere and even carrying forward competition culture. Such practices help to promote the sound development of moral education and teaching, and contribute to the training of tens of thousands of high-quality skilled talents for enterprises.