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2018 Spring Semester Class investigate Yancheng Remains

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On the afternoon of September 11, nearly 70 international students from 2018 Spring Semester Class of CZIIT, led by their head teacher Liu Hang, went to Yancheng Site and Wujin Museum to carry out practical teaching activities.

The international students visited several cultural and historical landscapes, such as the most completely preserved ground city site throughout the country, the ancient architecture complex echoing the Spring and Autumn Period and the Yancheng Museum. They felt the profound historical and cultural accumulation of the Chinese nation.

During the visit, referring to the relevant contents of the course “Chinese Cultural Survey”, Liu Hang started with the unique layout of Yancheng and the precious cultural relics in the museum, and focused on the long history and culture of Changzhou and the wisdom of the forefathers, as if to guide a journey to the ancient Yan City in the Spring and Autumn Period.

The layout of 3 cities with 3 surrounding concentric moats makes the international students admire the wisdom and creation of the Chinese people over 2500 years ago.Liu Hang said: “The aerial view of Yancheng Site is like 3 interlinked concentric circles, which is very magical.” And Yang Si, a student from the Republic of Congo, who is very interested in history commented excitedly: “The concentric circle structure of Ancient Yancheng bears some resemblance to that of the Atlantic city-state Atlantis. What a common wealth of wisdom in the history of human civilization!”

This practical teaching activity provided a very good opportunity for international students to experience Chinese culture and understand Chinese history. They expressed their interest in this kind of culture perception-oriented experience course.In the future, they will work harder to learn Chinese, understand Chinese culture, enhance their comprehensive strength, and promote China’s excellent culture to the world.